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About Wetherill Hearing Associates

Founded in 1968, Wetherill Hearing Associates has been providing Bucks-County residents with trusted hearing products and services for more than 45 years. Originally a supplier of behind-the-ear hearing aids, Wetherill began fitting inside-the-ear aids with the equivalent of 3 transistors in 1975. Currently featuring more than 18 million transistors, the new nanotechnology instruments offer vastly improved auditory capability for individuals with hearing loss.

At Wetherill, we recognize that not all hearing aids were created equal. Over the years, we have learned that using the very best products allows for better hearing. For this reason, we carry only the highest quality brand-name hearing aids to guarantee the best results for our patients. And we offer expert repair services to keep your hearing aids in good working order.

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At Wetherill Hearing Associates, we take pride in promoting better hearing throughout Bucks-County and the surrounding areas.

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