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At Wetherill Hearing Associates, we offer a wide range of instruments to help the people of Bucks-Mont hear more clearly: 

Open-Fit Design Hearing Aids - Open-fit design hearing aids enhance auditory function to help individuals hear all of the normal sounds around them. Instead of plugging your ear canal, these nanotechnology devices supplement natural hearing to create a completely normal sound level.

Traditional In-the-Ear Hearing Aids - CIC, or completely in canal, hearing aids come in five different sizes to fit most people's ears. While the main component is located snugly in the ear canal, patients can control the volume using an exterior amplifying device with multiple memory functions.

Hunting Hearing Instruments – At Wetherill Hearing Aid Associates, we also build hearing aids that will enhance your hearing while hunting. Designed for people who want to increase the sound of animals in the wilderness while protecting their hearing from the noise of a gun blast, hunting hearing instruments cut off sound at the moment you fire your rifle. 

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