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Hearing Procedures and Services

At Wetherill Hearing Associates, we are committed to helping Doylestown and surrounding areas hear more clearly. Along with our high-quality hearing aids, we offer a number of expert services to evaluate and improve patients’ hearing including:

Free Hearing Evaluation – Using state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced team will conduct a hearing evaluation free of charge to identify problems and determine your current level of hearing.

Otoscopy – Using a video otoscope, the hearing experts at Wetherill can view the auditory canal and ear anatomy to identify foreign objects and other conditions that could be impacting your ability to hear.

Hearing Aid Repair – At Wetherill, we offer expert hearing aid repair services for individuals whose instruments are malfunctioning. Additionally, we provide high-quality loaners while your hearing aid is being serviced.

Home Visits – Understanding that some of our patients have a difficult time traveling to our office, the hearing associates at Wetherill make house calls within a 20 mile radius.

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In business for more than 46 years, we are the original mom and pop hearing instrument provider in Doylestown.

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